Be free to be you!

it should about remembering life not poses

My clients are often awe-struck when they get a chance to see their proofs. Because digital photography makes it inexpensive to capture many pictures in a setting. Your Hourly session will give you as many acceptable photos that I can take. This can range from 30 to 300 or more photos.

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How I Capture the Moment

Keep the Client Comfortable

I get it. I completely understand it might be a new environment and meeting a new person can seem like a challenge. Opening up to be yourself comes with time for some folks. I often try to meet with clients before the session or event so you know the face and countenance of the person who will be photographing your project.

If at an event I am very cautious of the mood and will be very sensitive to your guests while trying to capture the moments important to you.

A Study of Subjects

Therapeutic Solutions for Capturing You At Your Best

As an photographer, I’ve learned how to approach a subject from a number of different possible angles, both physically and figuratively.

Unlike big-box photography studios, I work with my subject to make them comfortable so that they’re willing to reveal that special magic to me. Instead of snapping the first picture of a child smiling, I look for more. I am a huge fan of allowing play in photography. I will happily follow children around as they explore their environment. Their awe and wonder is what we enjoy most as parents

I spend time before the wedding getting to know my clients so that their love shows through in photos that they’ll adore because it captures their spirit.

Family portraits don’t have to be staged and staid! I’m willing to travel to your favorite place and catch your family at play.

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